"Tip of the Iceberg"

To say it has rained a lot this spring would be accurate. Fields are full of water and streets are full of river. I was even playing chicken with another storm while setting this one up. In the end, the spattering of raindrops that landed on the table added to the story.

The magic lamp was used to summon the rooster genie to help with the “non-existent” problem of climate change. The glass vessels are holding different amounts of water, although the “horizon” of water is nearly the same. This illustrates the fact that our planet has maintained an almost constant amount of water for the last few million years. It changes form and location, but the amount is nearly constant. I feel if more people were aware of this scientific fact, the easier it might be for more people to understand that global warming exists, and DOESN’T mean that we will have winters that are warmer (Mr. President).