Dress Rehearsal

The bird blind at Nahant Marsh was the first location I though of for my "test" still-life. It felt like I was being allowed to speak for the first time. That seems dramatic even as I type it, but describes it best.

I had years of practice dealing with foregrounds and backgrounds in separate projects. Twenty years’ worth of digitally moving things around in an electronic environment. Thirty years’ worth of patiently waiting for digital cameras to catch up to where I was satisfied with the resolution I could capture in a single image.

I knew the location well enough to know what kind of weather and time of day would show me what I needed. My first thought was to use the platform that the window frame of the bird blind provided for this project. It creates an interesting barrier between foreground and background, but not one that fit what I wanted to convey in this project. Uploading the two images for this entry made me realize I need to use this location again.