Flat Earth

“Flat Earth Theory” began with an exploration of light on a tiny object. The tiny object was a bird nest. The light came through a large south facing window about 20 feet from a large brick house. The house blocked the path of direct sun which created a diffused light with a curious intensity. The surface that held the hummingbird nest was a square topped antique table with curved legs. The dark-stained tabletop is about 20 inches square and has a nice array of character marks gained during its long existence. The combination of the curious light, the markings on the table, the proximity of a light toned wall, and the shallow depth of focus, reminded me of images I've seen of old illustrations of how the flat earth appeared in relationship to the rest of the universe. These images usually illustrated great dangers near the edge of the earth, and the safety of maintaining an existence towards the middle zones. In my mind these illustrated dangers represent the theories we create for ourselves, and those created for us by individuals and groups. Ultimately these imagined dangers keep us from reaching beyond the familiar feeling of safety that becomes too important.

Eliminating the landscape aspect, I suppose brought my attention more to the relationships between the objects in a still-life. The blank wall made them feel more like studies as well as providing a soft ambiguity that was important to the concept of this body of work. The mysteries of what lay beyond the edge of focus. Of course the table became my table of choice for what I'm doing now.