This blog will provide background to the creative process for this project that will become a solo exhibition at the Figge Art Museum during the summer of 2019. Included will be timelines of the creative process, and inspirations that came from conversations over the years. New work will be added as it's completed. Essentially, this is everything I would want people to know without the side-effects of having to listen to me go on for way too long.



I have a lot to say. I'm not sure how much of it is important to anyone but me, and I don't always know how to verbalize it. Probably why I have been communicating visually for roughly 35 of my 55 years. What happened during the first 20? Those were the quiet years.

I have enough to say that sometimes I lose track, and it doesn't get said. This happens both artistically and socially. Hopefully communicating ideas and the process of this project in a blog will keep me on track and allow me to communicate those ideas that I don't get a chance to.

Creating a blog for this project came to mind when I realized that the first steps towards what I am doing now, started over 15 years ago. I enjoy the feeling of my relatively short artistic history resonating against several periods of art history that go back 500 years. Northern renaissance still-life, the introduction of the camera obscura, neoclassical portraits, and early 20th century pictorialist photography have all influenced and inspired me in this project.