"life well lived"

I think my birthday was on my mind while this one was unfolding in my head. Four days later, on the 29th, I would turn 55. At the time I envisioned this piece as man looking towards his demise. Looking towards the setting sun with his fall gourds scattered around his feet. The shriveled sunflower in a jar rather than his teeth. The choice of the loon was a subconscious choice, based on a memory of a family vacation. We were on our annual summer vacation in Minnesota and one of my brother's and I were running around on a dock having fun. My mother told me that she looked out the cabin window expecting to see a loon and saw me laughing instead. It was later pointed out to me that the image is a "spirit uplift". I think I'll go with that interpretation. Obviously I was spending too much time adding up the fail column of my life, rather than the positive side.