A few random thoughts

1) For now, I'm going with titles that refer to date and time the still-life is recorded. I like the clinical, observational feel of it. Having this information saved with the digital file is one aspect of techno-photography that I like. I also think that when confronted with JUST that information as a title, it might inspire whoever the viewer is to dig a little deeper for meaning. Critical thinking is something we could use a little more of these days.

2) Speaking of titles... Still working on a title for the exhibit.

3) No I don't have a hidden room full of taxidermy. They only occasionally adorn fireplace mantels and back stairways that make access impossible for cats. However the permanent home for these cooperative subjects are from the painting studio at St. Ambrose University, in Davenport, Iowa, and the Nahant Marsh Education Center in Davenport, Iowa. In the future there will be appearances by specimens from the Augustana College biology department in Rock Island, Illinois. Contacts will be made to other nature centers in the region also.

4) My interest in the visual language of old paintings has been inspired by my exposure to old paintings. I'm very fortunate to be exposed to a constantly revolving exhibition of old paintings in need of care, in the studio of my partner Audrey Brown. As she fastidiously repairs small and large areas, my attention is drawn to relationships between light and shadow and softness and detail. I can honestly say that this experience has made me a much better photographer both technically and conceptually.