"Imaginary Boundaries"

It bothers me when I see farmers removing trees from the edges of their fields to accommodate larger equipment. My disappointment comes from two realizations. The first is that we haven't seem to have learned from the dust bowl days of the early thirties. Trees help reduce wind erosion. The second area of concern I have has to do with sustainability. Bigger equipment costs more money, is more expensive to fix, and both of these aspects create more debt. Farming is very hard work with not enough reward.

The woodpeckers are lamenting the loss of trees that have been flattened by the irons. The iron on the left side of the table represents the over-cutting of the trees and vegetation. The irons are also connected visually to the laundry line in the background. The laundry line also acts as a metaphor, representing utility lines and the clothespins could also be birds.