Just for fun

10/20/2017  -  7:29 A.M.

After spending more than an hour arranging and re-arranging and exposing countless frames, I decided to try my luck and make one final alteration of the morning still-life. I had the energy but I wasn’t sure if I had used up the very limited reservoir of patience that this particular beaver possessed. His interaction with humans had been colored with horrible stories, that his species had passed through generations, of relatives returning home in the form of hats and other garment accessories. As I turned my attention to the croquet ball the beaver lunged! His eyes were set on the line of trees that bordered the Nahant marsh. My only warning was the chirping sound he made just before the feeble tail slap. In my panicked state, I forgot that I was holding the remote trigger for the camera. Panic changed to relief as the tree shredding teeth of the beaver clamped down on the remote trigger rather than my finger. The camera fired and recorded this scene, which I can only guess was the beaver’s attempt at blackmail. I can’t imagine the damage to my reputation if rumors were made public that I spent my early morning hours waltzing with beavers.

This recollection of events is all I have as proof to counter any claims made by this devious semiaquatic rodent…