Printing... finally

"I have often said that the negative is similar to a musician's score, and the print to the performance of that score. The negative comes to life only when "performed" as a print."

This quote is attributed to famous landscape photographer Ansel Adams and I think it can easily be applied to the digital world. Until you print the image, digital photography is just a theory. It’s all just ideas in my head until I see it printed on the right paper to a size that I feel is appropriate.

I believe that printing is hugely important and grossly ignored. The size of the print should be appropriate to the concept, content, and image characteristics. Paper choice is equally important. The quality and characteristics of the paper should work with the imagery. There is a lot self-education when it comes to being an artist. Researching materials available and being able to think critically so that the best choice possible can be made.

My paper choice for this project was Hahnemühle Bamboo. It’s a very heavy paper made of 90% bamboo fibers, and 10% cotton. It is made in a paper mill that started in 1584. Bamboo provides the paper with a high level of detail and a very rich black that isn’t normally seen in a matte finish paper. The smooth, velvety softness of the paper surface contrasts well with the image qualities to enhance the often ethereal focus I employ in this project. Bamboo is also very environmentally sustainable due to a quick growing time.