The “Vortex Files” are a result of a need to be very non-technical after spending a year of intensive work on a complicated project. The title comes from the polar vortex that buried us in snow and sub-zero winds for more than a week in January of 2019.

Technology based photography has an ironic expectation of correctness and perfection. By not correcting the color balance of the light that found its way into this unlit space under the stairs, I was hoping to find some of the soul that so many people claim doesn’t exist in digital photography. No additional light source was used. The temperature of the light varied according to whether it came from an upstairs hall or the studio room next to the stairs. Which light source used was based on whether the work was done just before bed or during the first cup of coffee of the day.

The objects were chosen during the daytime hours while hiding from cabin fever or recovering from the last snow shoveling.

Prints are available